Friday, November 26, 2010

167 to 1

Religion through inheritance
No thought really required
Searching for meaning is dissuaded
This concern right by birth has retired

Parental approval guaranteed
Endowment from higher powers
A dollar or two buys redemption
For six days and twenty-three hours

Very few will resist inclusion
Acceptance by family's the key
Decisions made by dead relations
Determines what each child will be

A commitment of such great importance
Should be more than a swift passing thought
Blind faith without question is treacherous
You must weigh everything that you're taught

No one on earth has the answers
Whether living today or in past
Regurgitate bile of the elders
Fomenting their dreams so they last

Born out of man just like we are
Religious perceptions  on high
Will fade and change with the seasons
Like all man-made things they will die

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lime in a Bottle

Old Doris had a problem and it started with her nose
It was always in some business that's not hers one would suppose
It was really a big nuisance but it served as her third ear
Collecting information no one else was apt to hear

Of Course if Doris heard it then for sure it must be true
If rumor was in question then the facts old Doris knew
The neighbor ladies loved her, she was held in high esteem
They all must be included in the information stream

Her problem really started when she got into the gin
She passed on speculation though the facts were kinda thin
The girls became suspicious when she gave up using ice
And the information path turned to a highway of advise

How to rear your children was her first fermented tome
Although her son was thirty-four and still lived in her home
Then how to cook and clean instructions for the entire block
That's when the other ladies realized she was a crock

Now they very seldom talk to her although there's still a twinge
They say she's still reliable when she's not on a binge
So if they need some gossip to dissect some would be foes
They'll stop by just by accident to see what Doris knows

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Friends

Old man Purdy has a wiggle in his walk
And his teeth often click on occassion when he talks
His glasses are as thick as bottle bottom ends
He can start a fire with the sun through his left lense

His wrinkled pants are heldup by suspenders and a belt
And he wears a hat from 1929 that's made from felt
Purdy has a dog,name of Rupert, what a pair
You can tell which one is Rupert, he's the one that still has hair

They both will gladly ride along if you're going for a drive
Love to sit together and just glad to be alive
Neither is to old to recognize a little fun
And relish every moment when they're dozing in the sun

Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Pricked skin with needles shaped from words
Outlined in black by society's random borders
Colored by emotions from a rainbow of feelings
Then rejected for the image that is permanently borne to view


Push it through
Tear the flesh
Pinch the wound
The damage lies inside, invisible


Razors slitting seperation
Fleshy fat erupts in mounds
Shocked by the drying air never to return
Creation's sculpture marred by an errant chisel

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Evening in the Cave

Quiet tonight in the cave. Buddha is sleeping and I am sitting just watching the fire in the stove. It's easy to  doze off on a night like this but i'm waiting for a friend to drop in. We have joined together in an Ebay store venture and it seems to be somewhat successful for having started so recently, so I am excited about it.

I have been writing the next addition of Flybait, called Flybait's Reclamation, but the story is progressing slowly because of my inability to stay focused with everything else going on here. I hope to hear soon about the transformation of "Flybait's Lament" as well as "Wilt's Hollow" into screen plays. I am anxious but I don't want to call and start pushing because I think it should be allowed to happen without the additional pressure of an anxious author.

My friend Kathy Griffin had her open house at the art gallery and I think she enjoyed it. I hope that she finds a lucritive following over time. She's a wonderfully open and endearing artist and deserves recognition and support for her talent. You might say that lately she's "gone to the birds" as she has created a flock of whimsical birds which she is offering. I was the proud recipient of a wonderful Raven that i have named Archangelo after my great grandfather. Archangelo smokes a pipe just like I do and I think my great grandfather might have as well.

As for me I am still pondering . I haven't stop questioning formalized religion or the intrussion of government in our private lives or why toilet paper is in a roll rather than a box like tissue so you don't use so much. I still can't fathom why anyone would take "Dancing with the Stars" so seriously they blow away a perfectly good TV set. Somehow I think we have more serious problems than that to consider. I can't help but believe that regardless of which party controls the government, party politics is really their purpose. Democrats vs. Republicans is the game and common John Doe is forced to be the third string waterboy hoping for the recognition of a pat on the ass occassionally while  constantly being discounted as to intellegence and common sense. Only after a drubbing at the polls will anyone of the political elite claim to get the message and then it will only be long enough to boil a one minute egg. I get the feeling that regardless of who goes to Washington they ultimately conclude that success in office requires the  need to become "clever". In my way of thinking "clever" simply means smilingly deceiptful. I believe in a balanced budget and prevention of inacting legislation which has not been previously funded within the current budget. Cuts from programs which fail to meet expectation should be the source of unanticipated needs. I believe in a flat tax for all earning entities. I believe in the additional taxation of Corporate America who have holdings or are headquartered outside the USA. I don't believe in bailing out businesses including banks, insurance companies or the stock market. If AIG or Goldman Sacs had imploded there were a plethera of stable small companies that would have picked up the slack and thrived from the remains, for as with all things too much in one place is bad for the economy, environment, and the human race. I believe in small town America and look forward to a time when we realize that there should be a limit to the size of any town or city. Undoubtedly there is a mathematician out there who can calculate the size of a community that yields the best return to its citizens in terms of social service while generating revenue sufficient to promote a healthy educated caring community. It's not a New York City, or a Dallas, or a Seattle, or a Los Angeles or a Chicago, I believe it's something considerably smaller and much more manageable. Size emboldens to the detriment of the community as a whole.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aging in Three Acts

Rail against the body's aging
Rail against the loss of time
Rail against the final heartbeat
Rail against the finish line

Anger serves to fuel the spirit
Anger buffers pain with rage
Anger beats back time's suppression
Anger cloaks the fading age

Hang on to your rage and anger
Bookmark this the final page
Scream your heartsong in full volume
End act one, your final stage

Longing for a past rememberance
Longing for the strength to rise
Longing for a word of kindness
Longing for lost lover's eyes

Throw away life's past endowments
Throw away life's past regret
Throw away the signs of future
Throw away all goals not met

Now rescind the pledge of duty
Hold back plans of future view
Lock away all that's remaining
Sit and wait, end of act two

Accept the weakness of your stature
Accept the fact you do not know
Accept the help that's thrown upon you
Accept excitement's ceasing flow

Sleep away the final moment
Sleep and dream of only past
Sleep protected from discomfort
Sleep while final dies are cast

All awareness now suspended
Soaring spirit soon breaks free
Silver thread breaks no resistance
Now you're gone, the end act three

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Last Lesson

Soft downey tunnel so warm and secure
Protected from weather and wind to be sure
Fly thinks it's home and there's nothing to fear
Until he gets stuck and the spider appears

Fish in a brook feeding frenzy in force
Grabbing at bugs as they float down the course
Thinks it can eat everything in its way
Even the worms that are shaped in a "J"

Beautiful light glowing soft bluish hues
Circling around to enjoy all the views
Mesmerized lover besotted young sap
Zips into touch hot loves final bright zap

Squirrels chasing tails up and down the big oak
Climbing so high is considered a joke
Dashing young daredevil leaps tree to tree
Til the spans six foot four and the jumps six foot three

Cardinal singing and flying in flits
Then views a stranger from where the bird sits
Challenge is made no allowance to pass
Until it's cut short by a sheet of plateglass

Fat cat is grooming just out of dog's reach
Unphased by barking and growling to teach
Lies down to preen and prepare for a nap
The noise is so loud he can't hear the chain snap

Nature's last lessons can be rather stark
They happen regardless of daylight or dark
To each of its victims beside the term "Duh?"
Is the unfinished sentence we hear said "What the...???"