Monday, November 8, 2010

The Idle Hours

Moments softened in drowsy haze with a sense of completion
No urgency to rush forward or back but stay safe at home
The mind's eye blinks at last and moistens the lens
Thoughts become clear, resolution is at hand

Untightened shoes release the foot to dance over the tingling grass
Uncinched waist relaxes, purring like a cat enjoying a good rub
Cool water flushes the tired haggard face
And for a moment youth returns

New awareness of sights and smells
White noise seperates into colors of recognition
Humor returns, bubbling up like a covered pot
And the earth draws the body down to rest centered

Moments unfolding in the idle hours
Where rest renews the flagging spirit
Pressure of the masses is thrown off
Returning to the gift of self and home

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