Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aging in Three Acts

Rail against the body's aging
Rail against the loss of time
Rail against the final heartbeat
Rail against the finish line

Anger serves to fuel the spirit
Anger buffers pain with rage
Anger beats back time's suppression
Anger cloaks the fading age

Hang on to your rage and anger
Bookmark this the final page
Scream your heartsong in full volume
End act one, your final stage

Longing for a past rememberance
Longing for the strength to rise
Longing for a word of kindness
Longing for lost lover's eyes

Throw away life's past endowments
Throw away life's past regret
Throw away the signs of future
Throw away all goals not met

Now rescind the pledge of duty
Hold back plans of future view
Lock away all that's remaining
Sit and wait, end of act two

Accept the weakness of your stature
Accept the fact you do not know
Accept the help that's thrown upon you
Accept excitement's ceasing flow

Sleep away the final moment
Sleep and dream of only past
Sleep protected from discomfort
Sleep while final dies are cast

All awareness now suspended
Soaring spirit soon breaks free
Silver thread breaks no resistance
Now you're gone, the end act three

1 comment:

  1. wow, this is so melancholy . Is it about someone close to you passing away