Sunday, November 7, 2010


 Well here I am...hello...anyone? I suppose it's natural for someone such as myself to blog. Not that anyone wants to read what I have to say as much as I want to say it. If this space is simply the ramblings of my internal mind to my external self then so be it.
  I have finished my third book entitled "Wilt's Hollow" and am half heartedly seeking a new publisher. My original publishing company has done a rather unamazing job and so I am hoping to discovered someone else. It's like having to re-audition every year with the opera company I sang for in years past. I dislike it immensely but in as much as I don't make the rules I must abide. There are so many similarities between the music industry and the publishing industry and unfortunately they all seem to center around ego.Just as you must swallow your pride and endure the conductors and "Divas" in opera so too must you cow tow down to editors and agents and genuflect in their self-important presence even though they themselves owe their existence to  a myriad of daydreaming,mental adventurers,ie authors,who willingly sequester themselves away for weeks, months and even years to churn out a story to be used as fodder. I suspect that the temptation to self publish is growing stronger and stronger even though the "traditional" publishers attempt to psychologically maim the concept with terms such as "vanity publishing" etc.. I find there to be little incentive to place my work in someone elses hands and then be told that the success of the book is dependent upon my willingness to promote it, given a small if otherwise nonexistant royalty, and then forgotten a few weeks later in favor of their next victim. It's my own fault however for being nieve and trusting. At least I was able to learn the harshness of the business with little personal expense except for a severely bruised ego myself. The lesson learned was that I lost the reason why I write in the first place. I write for the joy of it. When I told my first story it filled me with a sense of completion and a feeling of attaining something ,a goal if you will, that many people talk about but relatively few achieve.

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  1. hi Danny

    I sure hope and pray that "Wilt's Hollow" will be appreciated and picked up by a good publisher soon...Your stories and the characters are so easy to see (in my minds eye) and understand, (in my hearts eye). ...I stopped reading W H, wanting to have the real book in my hands... It is hard to wait but I want to do it that way! keep writing in the mean time...once you are discovered, by the right place, you will be in demand! I wish I knew a publisher.