Friday, November 26, 2010

167 to 1

Religion through inheritance
No thought really required
Searching for meaning is dissuaded
This concern right by birth has retired

Parental approval guaranteed
Endowment from higher powers
A dollar or two buys redemption
For six days and twenty-three hours

Very few will resist inclusion
Acceptance by family's the key
Decisions made by dead relations
Determines what each child will be

A commitment of such great importance
Should be more than a swift passing thought
Blind faith without question is treacherous
You must weigh everything that you're taught

No one on earth has the answers
Whether living today or in past
Regurgitate bile of the elders
Fomenting their dreams so they last

Born out of man just like we are
Religious perceptions  on high
Will fade and change with the seasons
Like all man-made things they will die

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