Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Evening in the Cave

Quiet tonight in the cave. Buddha is sleeping and I am sitting just watching the fire in the stove. It's easy to  doze off on a night like this but i'm waiting for a friend to drop in. We have joined together in an Ebay store venture and it seems to be somewhat successful for having started so recently, so I am excited about it.

I have been writing the next addition of Flybait, called Flybait's Reclamation, but the story is progressing slowly because of my inability to stay focused with everything else going on here. I hope to hear soon about the transformation of "Flybait's Lament" as well as "Wilt's Hollow" into screen plays. I am anxious but I don't want to call and start pushing because I think it should be allowed to happen without the additional pressure of an anxious author.

My friend Kathy Griffin had her open house at the art gallery and I think she enjoyed it. I hope that she finds a lucritive following over time. She's a wonderfully open and endearing artist and deserves recognition and support for her talent. You might say that lately she's "gone to the birds" as she has created a flock of whimsical birds which she is offering. I was the proud recipient of a wonderful Raven that i have named Archangelo after my great grandfather. Archangelo smokes a pipe just like I do and I think my great grandfather might have as well.

As for me I am still pondering . I haven't stop questioning formalized religion or the intrussion of government in our private lives or why toilet paper is in a roll rather than a box like tissue so you don't use so much. I still can't fathom why anyone would take "Dancing with the Stars" so seriously they blow away a perfectly good TV set. Somehow I think we have more serious problems than that to consider. I can't help but believe that regardless of which party controls the government, party politics is really their purpose. Democrats vs. Republicans is the game and common John Doe is forced to be the third string waterboy hoping for the recognition of a pat on the ass occassionally while  constantly being discounted as to intellegence and common sense. Only after a drubbing at the polls will anyone of the political elite claim to get the message and then it will only be long enough to boil a one minute egg. I get the feeling that regardless of who goes to Washington they ultimately conclude that success in office requires the  need to become "clever". In my way of thinking "clever" simply means smilingly deceiptful. I believe in a balanced budget and prevention of inacting legislation which has not been previously funded within the current budget. Cuts from programs which fail to meet expectation should be the source of unanticipated needs. I believe in a flat tax for all earning entities. I believe in the additional taxation of Corporate America who have holdings or are headquartered outside the USA. I don't believe in bailing out businesses including banks, insurance companies or the stock market. If AIG or Goldman Sacs had imploded there were a plethera of stable small companies that would have picked up the slack and thrived from the remains, for as with all things too much in one place is bad for the economy, environment, and the human race. I believe in small town America and look forward to a time when we realize that there should be a limit to the size of any town or city. Undoubtedly there is a mathematician out there who can calculate the size of a community that yields the best return to its citizens in terms of social service while generating revenue sufficient to promote a healthy educated caring community. It's not a New York City, or a Dallas, or a Seattle, or a Los Angeles or a Chicago, I believe it's something considerably smaller and much more manageable. Size emboldens to the detriment of the community as a whole.

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  1. I like everything you said here! Thank you for your kind words.
    Are you selling Flybait on your Ebay?