Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lime in a Bottle

Old Doris had a problem and it started with her nose
It was always in some business that's not hers one would suppose
It was really a big nuisance but it served as her third ear
Collecting information no one else was apt to hear

Of Course if Doris heard it then for sure it must be true
If rumor was in question then the facts old Doris knew
The neighbor ladies loved her, she was held in high esteem
They all must be included in the information stream

Her problem really started when she got into the gin
She passed on speculation though the facts were kinda thin
The girls became suspicious when she gave up using ice
And the information path turned to a highway of advise

How to rear your children was her first fermented tome
Although her son was thirty-four and still lived in her home
Then how to cook and clean instructions for the entire block
That's when the other ladies realized she was a crock

Now they very seldom talk to her although there's still a twinge
They say she's still reliable when she's not on a binge
So if they need some gossip to dissect some would be foes
They'll stop by just by accident to see what Doris knows

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