Friday, November 12, 2010

A Flicker

It's Friday and things seem to have improved over the last few days, not in the legal struggle but financially there has been somewhat of an easing.
  I finally have the woodstove installed and it seems as though Buddha and I will experience a somewhat more snug winter this year than in the past. Next is to rebuild the toilet to work from harvested rainwater and then perhaps by spring to start digging a retention pond. I'm on a mission to become as self reliant as I can be and break away from as many City services and utilities as possible. Additionally I will remove as much hard surface on my 5 acres as possible and convert it back to urban farmland where I hope to grow a market garden and sell the produce. I have already located a vending trailer that I'm hoping to buy sometime in the spring.
   One benefit of transitioning away from business as usual has been the loss of stress relating to the coming holiday season. Now that it is just me at the plant , I don't  have to worry about keeping other people employed which is a great relief.

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