Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Last Lesson

Soft downey tunnel so warm and secure
Protected from weather and wind to be sure
Fly thinks it's home and there's nothing to fear
Until he gets stuck and the spider appears

Fish in a brook feeding frenzy in force
Grabbing at bugs as they float down the course
Thinks it can eat everything in its way
Even the worms that are shaped in a "J"

Beautiful light glowing soft bluish hues
Circling around to enjoy all the views
Mesmerized lover besotted young sap
Zips into touch hot loves final bright zap

Squirrels chasing tails up and down the big oak
Climbing so high is considered a joke
Dashing young daredevil leaps tree to tree
Til the spans six foot four and the jumps six foot three

Cardinal singing and flying in flits
Then views a stranger from where the bird sits
Challenge is made no allowance to pass
Until it's cut short by a sheet of plateglass

Fat cat is grooming just out of dog's reach
Unphased by barking and growling to teach
Lies down to preen and prepare for a nap
The noise is so loud he can't hear the chain snap

Nature's last lessons can be rather stark
They happen regardless of daylight or dark
To each of its victims beside the term "Duh?"
Is the unfinished sentence we hear said "What the...???"

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